Meet Mark Miller, Esq.

Since 1998, Mark R. Miller, Esquire, has helped over 400 families grow through adoptions. While the vast majority of his adoption practice is focused on domestic private adoptions and helping birth parents find the best families for their children, he is also experienced in step-parent adoptions, domesticating foreign adoptions and foster-to-adopt adoptions.

As an adoptive parent himself (international and domestic), Miller knows the trials and tribulations of living through an adoption. Helping the birth parents and prospective adoptive parents communicate fully during the adoption process assures the least amount of complications.

Over the years, Miller, an AV Preeminent rated attorney for over 25 consecutive years, has also developed a specialty in assisting other adoption attorneys and adoption agencies with “complicated” or “disrupted” adoptions. Adoption litigation is a complex sub-specialty of adoption law and Miller draws from his years of experience as a criminal defense trial lawyer and family law attorney to provide legal assistance to “troubled” adoptions. This sub-specialty typically involves addressing claims by birth parents that their consents were wrongfully obtained, but a growing area of adoption litigation now involves claims by birth fathers claiming their rights have been wrongfully terminated.

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Unlike most adoption attorneys or adoption agencies, Miller does not represent prospective adoptive parents unless they have already been matched with a birth parent, in other words, he does not help prospective adoptive parents “find” children, he helps birth parents find the right family for their child.


Mark Miller, PA: Martindale Avvo Rated-Top Lawyer 2024


Mark Miller, PA
Martindale Avvo Rated-Top Lawyer

Mark Miller, PA: 2024-AV Preeminent Attorney---Judicial Edition


Mark Miller, PA
AV Preeminent Attorney—Judicial Edition

Mark Miller, PA: 2024 - AV Preeminent Attorne


Mark Miller, PA
AV Preeminent Attorney


We have personally handled over 400 adoption plans since 1999. We are very familiar with the situations that so many pregnant women find themselves in that make adoption the best choice for them and the child. We specialize in empowering the birth mothers by helping them make the best choices and to get themselves back on their feet.


No one wakes up one day and says, “I’m going to get pregnant today and make an adoption plan.” In reality, adoption is often the last choice and due to circumstances beyond control, like addiction, domestic violence, lack of financial help, lack of family support, housing and employment issues, or involvement of the State in your life. All we want is for you to make the best choice for your child or children. We focus on the future – not how you got here.


We promise confidentiality. We know that the adoption option is a hard choice and that all decisions must be made privately and only with the people that support you and trust you. Many people do not understand why anyone would chose adoption for their child but we know that only you know what is going in your life.

Financial Assistance

Florida law allows for financial assistance for women opting for adoption. There are limits but for the most part there is full assistance provided for housing, transportation, medical needs, groceries, telephone service and clothing. We provide this assistance along with counseling, which is highly recommended.

Interventions and the Department of Children and Families

What many people don’t know is that if the State has opened a dependency case against you regarding your children and

a)  it doesn’t look like you are going to be able to complete your case plan,

b)  the State has indicated they are going to seek to terminate your parental rights, or

c)  the facts of the case are pretty clear that they are going to terminate your parental rights,

you can always elect do start the Intervention process with us. That is when we would help you locate a family that wants to you adopt your child or children and we help them Intervene into the DCF case and allow for a private adoption. It is always best to do this early in the dependency case so the children have as little disruption as possible.

Location is located in Jacksonville, Florida and we only help women located in Florida. If you do not live in Florida, contact us and we’ll help you find the right adoption professional where you live.

We would be honored to speak with you! Please call, text or email.